Childcare Vouchers

Childcare vouchers are a form of salary sacrifice set up by the government, allowing you to pay for a portion of your childcare fees, which is exempt from tax and National Insurance (i.e. gross wages), up to £243 a month.

If you are a couple or both pay for the nursery fees, then you are both able to pay into separate schemes, each paying in up to £243 a month.

You are able to start paying money into your voucher scheme at any time, so you can ‘bank’ or save money in your scheme until you come to want to use it, maximising your tax saving.

As a nursery, we accept all childcare vouchers as payment towards your nursery fees.

Your employer will let you know which childcare voucher company they use.

You are in control of your childcare vouchers. You set them up and release the money to us.

Each voucher system is different but once they are set up they tend to run very smoothly.

Once you know which childcare voucher provider your employer uses, call the voucher company as soon as you can to set up your account. This makes it more likely that you will be able to pay for your first month’s fees in the most cost-effective way possible

When your child starts at the nursery, we will give you more information to help you with this process.

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