Help & Advice

When you are waiting to start at The Teepee we are always happy to offer help and advice, as we understand that waiting isn’t always easy.  If you are starting back to work after you have had a baby, or have decided your childcare isn’t working and needs to change, both of these  can be major decisions with a stress level to match.

Returning to work after you have had a baby

Returning to work after having a baby can often be be daunting, and it may feel like everyone knows how to make this transition apart from you.  To help ease your transition we have put together a return to work countdown which you may find helpful.

Return to Work Countdown

Switching your childcare

If you are already using childcare and are switching because it wasn’t working for you or your needs have changed, we have put together a handy to use checklist that you may find useful when looking for a new provider.

Nursery Checklist

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