Annual Parent Questionnaire Results and Feedback

We have been analysing our annual parent questionnaire that we run every year at the nursery, a massive thank you to everyone who took the time to fill it out.  We analyse each of the answers in detail.  Our questions mirror some iconic research run by the government, known as the PEAL research, so we know that our questions are on a sound footing.  Your feedback helps us to understand what you like about our care and education and what you want us to prioritise working on next.

It was great to see all of the overwhelmingly positive feedback.  In summary:

·         you like our settling in process, and overall that seems to work for you

·         you are also positive about the ways in which we report on your child’s development

·         you know your key person and feel you have a solid relationship with them.

You would like:

·         to know more about how to support your child’s learning

You want us to improve on

·         communication, in particular setting up meetings, and also

·         communication in the rooms in the morning and the evening, and why we don’t have a daysheet for older children.

In response to this questionnaire, we are running a Room Leader meeting for both nurseries all day on Saturday 15th July to discuss, reflect, and flesh out our plans.   We are also planning an evening presentation early in the Autumn term (dates to follow) covering:

·         how we plan for the children, how you find out what your child has been doing, and how the parent meeting fits into this

·         the interactive learning diary, how to access it, and the benefits of loading up photos

·         how these things help you support and encourage your child’s learning at home

·         the structure in the preschool, and what being ‘ready for school’ really means.

We are keen to always improve, and reflect on the way that we work.  We know that talking to us in detail in the morning and evening can sometimes be difficult, as our primary priority is always the safety and wellbeing of the children, just the same as at school.  We are always happy to meet to talk for longer, and if you ever want a meeting please just let either your Room Leader or the Manager know.

We have reflected over the years about daysheets and have worked hard to get the balance right between report writing and playing and teaching your child.  We are keen to run a trial of some new software in the Autumn which might support this; but want this to bed in more first.  Even so, we feel it is important to write day sheets for babies whose routines are so variable and varied.  Once your baby grows and is a toddler, their routine becomes more settled, timings of sleep, food and nappies are more consistent, and so there is little new news. In this regard, we therefore feel that the balance between the effort and reward is less. If you find you don’t read the day sheet any more, do let us know, so that we can spend that time with your child instead.

There will be more news on this following our Room Leader meeting and to set the date for the September evening meeting. We look forward to working with you on these in the months to come.  Thank you for taking the time to complete the survey once more.


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