Changing our nursery data system

We would like to inform you that we are going to be changing our data system. We are transitioning to the Interactive Learning Diary (ILD) known as Interactive Nursery Manager (INM), from Parenta.

We know you enjoy having access and input in your child’s developmental and learning journey, so we are confident you will also enjoy the addition of the INM.

For a small business this portal is going to be time efficient as all our processing will be in one place, this means less administrative tasks and more time focussing on the children.

For parents this means more electronic information, rather than on paper, with the intension of smoother processes for; signing your child in and out, requests to administer medication and well-being information for example toileting records, sleep records, bottle record and meal records. The INM will provide a ‘well-being’ section where all of this information and more can be viewed electronically. This means our practitioner’s will have more time to spend with the children rather than physically completing paperwork, a tablet based entry will be smoother and more time effective for them too!

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