Please check your child’s data form and update electronically January 2017

It is very important that you help us to update and check the information we hold on your child.  Please click on this link to check the details we currently hold. Please support us in an effort to be more environmentally friendly by reviewing this online and so saving paper. We have also created some supporting guidance which you may find helpful when checking over the data.   

It is vital that you regularly check the information we hold on your child, even if you feel you have previously given us these details in writing or in a meeting.   

This is a critical part of our checking process to help ensure your child’s records are correct.  Many reports are issued from the data stored here and decisions are made as a consequence. 

If your child has recently had their first birthday, please update their immunisation record, particularly for Measles, Mumps and Rubella.

If you do make changes we will be notified on the system.  If, however, you feel there is are no changes required, please e-mail us back with a no change message, so we know you have checked the information. This file is available ongoing on the Parent Portal for you to review at any time.

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