Many of you have given us some great feedback on our new system Dayshare. This has been a new tool that the team have been using to record basic information about the child, and some of the activities which the room have been doing that day. Dayshare works along side MyChild, with MyChild offering an individualised record of your child’s development.

Dayshare has allowed the team to spend more time with the children, which has been fantastic for the team and they have really enjoyed being able to spend more time with the children.

As with any new system there have been a few teething problems and we have been working very closely with the company that gives us Dayshare to sort out these issues, so that we can work the best way and make sure that you all get the information correctly.

If you do have any issues please let us know as soon as you can and this will help us fix these problems quicker.

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