Door security at the Nursery

Please can we remind you all of our door security policy at the nursery and the duty of care that we have to keep all of the children at the nursery safe and the extremely vital role that you as parents all play in ensuring their safety too. 

When using your fob to access the nursery, it is vital that you do not let anyone, either other parents or visitors, tailgate you in through the gate regardless if they tell you they have a booked appointment or otherwise. All visitors to the nursery when booking their appointments are asked to ring the front door bell and to come to the nursery with photo ID, it is really important that all visitors follow this process so their identification can be verified before they are allowed access to the nursery. 

May we also take this opportunity to remind you that you must ensure that both the side gates are closed behind you as you pass through them. The inner stable gate must be bolted and the automatic gate pulled closed behind you. The closure of both of these gates is a must to ensure that the nursery and all the children remain safe and secure.

Thank you for your support in enforcing our door policy with us.

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