Eat Well, Start Well Menu Review at the Nursery, What’s Next?

As many of you know, we have been trialling a new menu through the summer and followed this up with a parent group in both nurseries, one evening at Reading and the following in Bracknell.  Thank you to all the parents who gave up their time to come along to these meetings and also Vanessa, the dietician who is working alongside us on the nursery menu review.  Your time is truly appreciated.

In the meeting we discussed the new government food guidelines for pre-school children and talked about what has gone well so far, and next steps.  The summary is that we plan to run another trial week starting on 13th January 2014.  This will include: the addition of a light afternoon tea (and no optional supper) and fixing the time of breakfast.  Therefore the meals will be as follows:

Breakfast at 8.15am

Mid morning snack 10.00am

Lunch 12.00pm

Afternoon snack 2.00pm

and then a light tea 4.00pm

We have tweaked the timings of the meals over the years and come to the conclusion that these times work, with some flex for the babies having their lunch a little earlier and the pre-schoolers having their lunch a little later.

The optional supper will be dropped during the trial week and as it is a long time between the tea time and breakfast, Vanessa will give suggests of the amount of food you should be offering your child at night, so the children get all of their calories spread throughout the day.

If the week’s trial is successful, we aim to run another month’s trial throughout February.

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