Some exciting news about ILD and INM

We have spoken to INM recently and they are confident that the new app update will be launched by the end of this week so the signing in and out process should be much smoother. We were able to have a short preview of this and the functionality seems much better – and certainly quicker!

We have had the go ahead from the new broadband supplier and this will be installed in the beginning of March. In the meantime we are taking steps to help alleviate the WiFi issues on the tablets and are confident that, although not the perfect solution, it will go some way to help.

Your child’s Daily Summary is now available to view on the Parent Portal each day once the child has been signed out. We have the option for this to be enabled in real-time so that you can see updates on the Parent Portal throughout the day before the child has been picked up. We are reluctant to enable this option until problems with the WiFi have been resolved, so will continue supporting the daily summaries with paper records to ensure a full and correct handover at pick up until we are in a position to drop them completely.

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