Finding out about Your Child’s Day at Nursery

We have had a recent query which touched on how to access daily day sheet/daily diary style information about the children’s day at nursery and wanted to share the response more widely with everyone at the nursery.

You may know that earlier this year here at Teepee Day Nursery in Bracknell, we moved over to an electronic nursery register for the children and an electronic day sheet system. More recently, we started a trial using online accident forms. This trial is still ongoing.

You can always go back and review any information the room team has loaded up about your child be it nappies, sleep, meals and snacks, or accidents. This information is only available through the online login and not the app at the moment. Once you have signed your child out for the day this information is available for you to review, even if you weren’t the adult picking your child up that evening. In the same way, information about previous days can be viewed at any point.

If you would like us to show you how to use this system, please pop into the office and let us know. We are keen to find out what you think about this system. If you have any feedback, please let Nicole or Sophie know.

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