Following up from the Nursery Annual Questionnaire

Thank you once more to everyone who took the time to complete the annual nursery questionnaire. We have reviewed these results as a team. In summary, there were many things that you liked: the way in which children were settled into the nursery; the communication; and information on your child’s learning were some main likes.

The areas to improve fell into three main categories:
1. Not understanding the contract and/or way that we work
a. In particular the way we plan for the children’s learning
2. The quality of handover, especially from more junior nursery team.

On not understanding the contract and/or the way that we work; everyone signs the nursery contract when they start. We have recently revised this and sent this update out to you for your records alongside our Privacy Notice. Much information about the way that we work is in here, so please do take the time to read it carefully. The same comment is also true for our Parent Policies and Procedures. This document lays out the way that we work together on a day to day basis. Again, please do take the time to read it, upon reviewing the detailed feedback on the questionnaire results we found that many of the answers to the queries were already detailed in here. We have included this link for your ease and reference.

To help with understanding the planning, we will also look to create a planning board in the hallway to help to detail out the way that we plan for the children in a visual manner.

On the quality of communication with more junior members of team, we will review the way that we work in this area once more. We have done a lot of training on this in the past; and so we will re-evaluate this in the light of your feedback. The Room Managers will also strengthen their coaching and monitoring in this area. Lastly, if you have a particularly good handover or parent meeting experience please do let us know, and if there is a parent meeting or evening handover that could have been better in your opinion, please do let Nicole know at the time so she can continue to coach and monitor.
Thank you for your feedback once more.

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