The Garden Project at the Nursery Draws to a Close

This week we have been finishing off our garden project with the addition of a ‘Cave’ in the nursery garden.  Our idea behind this was somewhere between The Gruffulo and a Hobbit Hole! This will be a shelter; a place to hide; the Perspex at the back allows us to look for roots and worms! We hope it will be a place for imagination and adventures (large and small).

The cave came soon after the addition of our boat, named See me Smile.  When I say boat, with a little imagination this can be a car, or an aeroplane, whatever you need really to get about.  We have also recently introduced a story bench so that the children can sit and read stories or watch their friends perform on the stage.  Since the spring, we have:

1.       Introduced more ‘accessible’ storage for the children to introduce their own toys to their play

2.       More clearly defined each of the area be it: sand and kitchen play, construction with blocks and bumpers, vegetable patches, a quiet area den building area, a stage, a nature area, a science/ramp area, art and creative areas, or water play

3.       Created a textured sensory path

4.       Revamped the forest school and given it a bit of TLC

5.       Decked the baby garden to make it warmer, and more tactile.

It has been fantastic to watch the children as they go about their play, and so we look forward to spending the autumn and winter out there enjoying, and learning.

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