Garden Regeneration

I’m sure you will by now have noticed that we are part way through our garden refurbishment plan.  With the stage, play guttering, new ‘Teepee’ den and vegetable patches all installed, the children are already having lots of fun and enjoying making good use of their new resources.

We still have a lot more to come including a kitchen role play area made from pallets, a sensory path made from different materials and a hobbit hole hideaway to explore.  We also have finishing touches coming for the stage, include lighting and curtains (which will, of course, be red, in keeping with the children’s suggestion)!

We will also be adding texture to the guttering that is now occupying the slope, some of the suggestions the children have made are sand, carpet and grass to name a few, so watch this space .. quite literally!

Thanks to all for the complimentary feedback received so far.  We will continue to gain the children’s input so that we can turn their ideas into reality and look forward to showcasing the results with you week by week as the project progresses.



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