Gardening Club Comes to the Nursery

We are delighted to announce that this summer we aim to get more out of our vegetable patches and raised beds at the nursery, as we have recruited (!) Emma’s mother Maureen to run a gardening club with the children alongside Kirsty and Emma.

Maureen came in earlier in the month, and once the children had finished asking for more stories to be read, everyone got down to business and started to decide what we might plant.  The children helped to decide that we would grow: potatoes, radish, pumpkins, lettuce, French beans, broad bens, peas and sweet peas.  All of this work and activity fits in well with other things that the children in the preschool room have been learning about such as the lifecycle of a duckling and starting to grow plants and potatoes inside.

For more on the gardening club, watch this space!

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