Interactive Nursery Manager – electronic registers

We are currently trying new software from the company that supplies the ILD to us. You will have been asked to sign your child in and out on the electronic registers on the tablets. This is very new and we therefore expect a few teething issues whilst the software is updated by the providers. It is important that you sign your child in and out on both the paper register and the electronic register whilst we migrate to the new system. Therefore please be patient with us whilst we are using both registers. Please arrive in plenty of time to sign your child in and out as you may need to wait a few minutes whilst the system cooperates.

Taking part in the trial enables us to feed back to the support team at the INM (Interactive Nursery Manager) so that the software can be fine tuned to suit The Teepee. The software has many exciting features that we are looking forward to using. The INM will enable us to save time and also help us to go paper free, therefore reducing our carbon footprint.

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