New menu trial

Following our one week trial in June, we’re really excited to be trialing our new summer menu with the children for the month of August. Nikki’s been working hard at the nursery with an experienced dietician to develop a new menu in line with the guidelines released by the Children’s Food Trust in the Autumn of 2012. This is a rigorous, research based report at the forefront of childhood nutrition.

We’ve always been proud of the delicious food we serve at the nursery, which Nikki prepares daily, and from our parent feedback we know that our parents and children appreciate it too! Providing children with a balanced diet is essential for growth and development, but it also provides the foundation for healthy eating through to adulthood. That’s why we spend so much time perfecting our menu and also teaching the children about food through cookery classes, fun activities and of course our new allotment!

Rest assured, it will be the same high quality, variety of delicious food, with many of our existing recipes remaining. The biggest change you’ll notice is the distribution of calories throughout the day. The new menu focuses on providing a more even spread of food, adopting the “little and often” approach. This means that breakfasts and snacks will be bigger and the lunch portions will be smaller. We’re also going to remove the fruit bowl from the rooms. We’ve noticed that most children will choose the same fruits every day. We’ll still be offering lots of fresh fruit, but this way the children will be exposed to a wider variety of fruit, which provides a larger range of vitamins and minerals too.

If you have any questions or comments please speak to your key person or Nicole.

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