Montague Park Construction Site Trip

Our children at the Teepee have been heavily engaged in construction play, so we wanted to really extend their learning by providing them with a real-life experience.

The team at David Wilson homes were really helpful and accommodating for the word go.  The site carefully considered how they would risk assess the trip and clearly communicated this with us, which helped us to form our own risk assessment.

The team organised for our children to be split into two small groups. The children enjoyed having their snack in the Marketing suite after a bus journey and a 10 minute walk to the site.  After their snack the children went off to explore, geared up in hi-visibility jackets and hard hats.  The children had the opportunity to observe a real, in action construction site.  They loved learning about the different construction vehicles and materials, about the pipe work that goes underground, and how to stay safe on a construction site.  The children also got to have a look around the lovely show room ‘The Greenwood’ where the children were welcomed to explore around the home.  They loved the children’s bedroom where it was beautifully designed, our children loved the Teepee (of course!), the soft Jelly Cat toys, story books, backpacks and toys.

On behalf of the The Teepee Day Nursery and our children we would like to say a big thank you to all of those involved at David Wilson Homes at Montague Park in Wokingham.  A special thank you to Emily Howett, Darran Miline and John (Marketing Suite) for making our trip run so smoothly, and for being so welcoming and accommodating.  Thank you!

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