This month’s accident stats reviewed

Every month we like to analyse our accidents at the nursery, We also like to share this information with you so that we can talk to you about how we are going to try and prevent these from happening again.

Over the month of October we have seen a few accidents resulting in facial injuries and biting.

The teams in all the rooms have recently had their room meetings and they all discussed what it was that they could do.

Biting, this is a common phase for children to go through, and in generally it is a way that children communicate something they want or to don’t like especially if they cannot talk.

When this occurs the team track the children that bite and note down any occasion that this happens, this is then looked at to try and find a common pattern as to why they are doing this. This is being done regularly in the rooms where the children are biting, and feedback being given to Nicole and the Room Leaders.

In the older rooms, we talk about biting and things we should use our teeth for, and how it makes our friends feel. This is fed in to planning as we do a lot of group activities talking about feelings and relationships with our friends.

The younger children will get praise for good behaviour and where possible we tend to ignore negative behaviour and give lots of attention if they have been hurt, this follows our behaviour policy that we have for the nursery.

The facial injuries are generally being caused by children running around and tripping over, or moving around too fast.

The team have planned doing more activities involving the children with risks, this will include them helping to assess whether they think the garden or room is safe to be in, how to take care when moving around and giving the children the opportunity to think about what activities they want to do outside, creating a book of things that are exciting to do outside and in!

If you have any worries about accidents that your child is having then please speak to your key person or Nicole.

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