And so to our name…

We are often asked by families looking around the nursery -“Why the name, is it because of The Teepee in the garden?”

When we first started the nursery we wanted something that was different from the rest (because we are different !!). We also didn’t want something that sounded “babyish”, as we wanted to be a solution that was family focused, but we really struggled to find the right name that didn’t sound OTT

One Saturday morning, before we even had a nursery, Emma was trying to lie in (and failing) but instead was chewing over thoughts like “if we were like B&Q we’d be called T&P (as in our names Tennant and Platt)…” So to start with we called our fledgling company “TP”, as more of a joke really.

By the time we had found our nursery it had stuck because it embodied all that we wanted to be. It was about us and our passion but it is also a dwelling that you want to take with you on a journey.

We strive to be that safe and cosy resting place that each family can take with them on their child’s pre-school journey.

And yes we do have a teepee in the garden!

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