New Summer Menus at the Nursery

With the change of every season, we tweak our summer menus, and this one is no different.  This care and attention is taken, so that the food we offer continues to stay fresh and tempting for the children to enjoy.  We have kept on the children’s favourites whilst also freshening it up a bit.  We were finding over the Spring that the children were less keen on some of the fish dishes so Tor and the nursery practitioner team have been trialling and sampling a number of different fishy options.  You will see new dishes such as: Cod Bon-Bons, Rainbow Pizza, Kedgeree, and Cheese and Leek Quiche.

If your child is on a special or preference diet this should have already come out to you; please return it promptly so that we can go ‘live’ on Monday 4th June.  If you have any questions, please ask Nicole, Leanna or Sophie.

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