Newly zoned garden

In the last month we have spent time planning and researching the best way to zone our garden. We wanted to maximise its space whilst ensuring every area of the EYFS is included. Finally we have a plan in place!

You will shortly see the garden take shape with various different zones very early in the New Year. We have ordered salt bins as storage for all the resources so everything will have a home to live in whilst staying dry and clean even in the worst of the weather.  We have also invested in a new storage shed which will house the hollow blocks rather than the trolley storage they currently live in.

Each area will be a clearly defined zone with storage so that the children can choose the equipment to facilitate their play in that area. We will also be purchasing new equipment for the garden which I’m sure the children will love to explore and learn with. Watch this space and let us know what you think of the newly revamped garden!

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