The Nursery Garden Work Continues, and We Need Your Help …

We are continuing to refurbish and improve our nursery garden for the children to play in.  The different zones in the garden are becoming more defined.  So far we have:

  • Turned one ramp into an exploration zone with different types of guttering, balls and cars
  • Created a bug hotel and are starting to introduce more toys and resources into the science area e.g. magnifying glasses
  • Built an outdoor kitchen next to the sand pit
  • Created a music area with a down pipe organ
  • Reinvented the teepee into a quiet area/ den making zone
  • Planted up our raised beds
  • Created a stage and a construction zone on the patio

At the end of the month we will be replacing the safety surface under the climbing frame and there will be more changes in the weeks to come, so watch this space, quite literally!

In the meantime however, we would really appreciate your help in sourcing some ‘real’ items for the children to play with.  Now spring is here, if you do happen to be having a clear out and have any of the following items, we would love to take them off your hands for you:

  • Household items for the outdoor kitchen.  These need to be in good condition – i.e. good enough to play with (we will of course risk assess anything before we put anything out).  The kind of items we need are: pans, plastic bowls and plates, cooking utensils e.g. spoons, whisks, potato masher etc. washing up bowls, drainage racks and old waterproof food tubs e.g. butter tubs.
  • Old curtains or lengths of material
  • Milk crates
  • Hub caps, car seats, number plates, plastic car bumpers.

Also, do you know anyone who no longer needs:

  • A washing machine – we would like to take the door and build it into the play kitchen
  • An old grill rack, to make an ‘oven’
  • A wooden clothes airer
  • An old rowing boat!!

There will be more news on the garden over the coming weeks and months, but in the meantime if you think you are able to help with any of the items listed above, please talk to Nicole, Charlotte, or Emma.

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