Nursery ParentZone is Now Live

We are delighted to launch our nursery’s ParentZone, this software is provided by the market leaders in the early years and nursery sector. We know from our recent parent survey that you want to see more information about your child electronically, and this system will give us this. ParentZone replaces the ILD, and so much more. You can access system this either on your ParentZone or through an app. Please do save it as a favourite.

This new system will give you access to lots of information about your child, all in one place. You will see that lots of information has already been loaded up onto the site. This new system will show:
· Your child’s sleeps, nappy changes, and in the younger rooms, how much they have eaten
· Our observations on your child
· Your monthly invoice – going forwards all invoices will be found here
· Your contact details, please do use this as an opportunity to check that they are still correct. When you update them, we get notified.

As of Monday, you will sign in and out on the tablets and we will start using the electronic register system.

We have been training on this new system, so please do not be concerned if you see historic data that looks a bit wrong – this was just everyone getting to grips with it. We won’t be sending out the traffic light report before the focus week any longer, as this new system is not able to create this kind of report. Please load up your photos of your children too, just in the same way that you did on the ILD. We are keen to see pictures of your child at home, and even more so, before their focus week.

We have now moved away fully from the ILD. Consequently, we have downloaded the photos for each of the children and will get these out to you in a flipbook format over the coming weeks.

Please also find attached a FAQ sheet from the providers for your information.

Download prospectus