New Nursery Summer Menus Re-Accredited with Outstanding Children’s Food Trust Award

We are delighted to announce that our new nursery summer menus have been reaccredited by the Children’s Food Trust, and we have once again been awarded their stamp of approval!

Tor has been working really hard alongside Rana, perfecting and trialling some great new recipes such aCFT_Award_Logo_squares chicken gyros – a summery Greek pitta filled with chicken and salad; mackerel fishcakes to increase the amount of health-boosting oily fish the children consume; fruity salsas for snack and British strawberry shortcakes to name but a few.  Combined with old favourites we know the children love to eat and a real variety of beautiful summer fruit and vegetables, we believe it’s our best summer menu ever!

As we continue to be at the cutting edge of children’s nutrition you will notice that we have already removed fruit juice from the nursery menu, ahead of the governments advisory that children should not drink fruit juice (even watered down), due to tooth decay.

If your child has a dietary preference, or is unable to eat a particular food due to medical reasons (e.g. allergy or dietary intolerance) then you will be in receipt of your new summer menu to sign off by the end of the week.  Please do review, sign, and return this to the office by Friday 19th May at the very latest, so that we can be sure we are suitably prepared.  If you would like to meet with us, or see any of the recipes to confirm that they are suitable and safe for your child prior to signing off, please do let us know.

We look forward to ‘going live’ with the new menus on 5th June.

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