O is for Outcomes

Nicole and Ali recently went on a course and came back to the nursery inspired. One of the key things that they spoke to me about is that O isn’t for Ofsted, or Outstanding but it is for Outcomes. I have been really thinking about this and reflecting on this for the last month or so, as I found this really thought provoking. We strive every day to make the experiences and the outcomes for the children the very best that they can be. But what does this really mean?

At Teepee Day Nursery I think we are clear what this means. It means that because the children are happy, they are learning. Children are primed and pre-programmed to learn and it is our job to inspire and teach them. The learning Outcomes that we want for the children at the nursery are that, no matter what the children’s starting points in their development when they start at the nursery, they will learn quickly and rapidly with us. It means sending children off to school with a sophisticated set of skills so that they can thrive and achieve and fly away like butterflies.

We support this journey in a number of ways – running a weekly focus for our room planning is a fundamental part of this and even more so it is working together with you to support and inspire learning at nursery and at home, making sure that we are working together as partners.

So O isn’t about being Outstanding. We know that this is really difficult Ofsted grading to achieve. I would go as far to argue that these days not only difficult but next to impossible and I have wondered over the years about the psychological and well-being impact for a team being under so much pressure. Outstanding is an exceptionally strong word, when you think about it for a moment. Its thesaurus definitions include distinguished, eminent, exceptional, famous, phenomenal, out-of-this-world, standout, world-class.

So here at Teepee Day Nursery we are going to switch our mindset and really focus on making sure that the children’s learning Outcomes are always and consistently the very best that can be every day they are with us, building these experiences up, and layering up the years until our children fly away to school.

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