Parent Consultation on New Administration of Medicine Policy.

Parent Consultation on New Administration of Medicine Policy.

We are considering updating our nursery Administration of Medicine Policy and wanted to capture your views as parents.  This change would bring us into line with the most up to date NHS guidance which we propose that we would refer to in future.

The main change is that we would only give Paracetamol at nursery if a child seemed unsettled or distressed, rather than to bring down a high temperature.

We would like to hear any thoughts and feedback on this by 9th February 2019 by emailing Emma Tennant, so that we might take this into consideration.

Please see the proposed new medicine policy below.  The bold/underlined denotes proposed changes, the strike through would be removed from the policy going forwards.

Proposed Updated Policy

Giving Infant Paracetamol before Attending a Nursery Session

If you have given infant paracetamol (or similar) at home before you come to nursery, we ask you to consider if your child really is well enough to attend nursery, for more information on this please see advice from the NHS. Please inform us that you have given medication when you come in (to ensure we do not run the risk of overdosing if we administer infant paracetamol as an emergency later in the day).  If you are bringing your child in having had infant paracetamol, we will accept them as long as they are not showing any signs of being unwell.  As with all cases, if your child goes on to become unwell during the day, we will ask you to collect your child.

Emergency Administration of Infant Paracetamol
If your child becomes unwell during the course of the day, whilst we are waiting for you to come and collect your child, we may discuss giving your child one dose of Infant Paracetamol.  This will be because we consider that 1) your child has become unsettled or distressed, in line with NHS guidance and 2) you are a long way away (for instance more than 30 minutes away).  We will only consider this option after having discussed this with you first. If we record a child’s temperature at 38.5°C or above we will administer one dose of infant paracetamol and remove some of their clothing to try and cool them down.  This is to try to reduce the risk of febrile convulsions.
·         Infant Paracetamol can only be administered if we have gained prior written consent (on the Data Form).
Ideally, we will then get your verbal consent on the telephone prior to administering the Infant Paracetamol.  Please ensure your emergency contacts are empowered to make this decision on your behalf in the event we are unable to reach you.
·         Should it be necessary for us to administer Infant Paracetamol, we will then consider the child too unwell to remain at nursery and so ask you to collect them promptly.
Should your child’s temperature rise above 38.5°C; in the event that we are unable to contact you or your emergency contacts and you have given prior written permission to administer emergency infant paracetamol, we will give one dose and call an ambulance.

·         Please do keep your telephone on, so we can call you if we have to.
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