Thank you for everyone who made it to the parent event on Wednesday

A huge thank you for everyone who made it to the parent event on Learning at Nursery, Learning at Home.  I hope it was enlightening. We had a fantastic discussion, so much so that we significantly over-ran our time slot!

The session was based around the feedback from the parent questionnaire that ran in the winter.  When I reviewed the results my reflection was that we were doing many things to address the feedback, but it was obvious that we weren’t shouting about these strategies enough. It was consequently great to talk through what we currently do; and also get such positive feedback on the content and usefulness of the session.  

We had a rich discussion, which lead to further feedback and ideas. We are collating our feedback and will look to action it over the autumn term.  A taster of the feedback was:

·         That the content of the presentation was very useful.  In particular, how the planning and ILD work together, alongside expectations for school.  We should therefore find a way to orientate new parents to the planning in the first few months of the nursery (without overloading)

·         The development reports PDFs can’t always be opened

·         The parent boards in the rooms need to be more clearly positioned as such

·         That the two year old check does not correlate with the government’s Early Years Outcomes.  I think this is a case of the Departments for Health and Education not knowing what each is doing.  We will see what we can do about this for our nursery

·         It is not always clear who to email, once you have started at the nursery.

We also started to have a great discussion on resilience and so I plan to write a blog on this next month, so watch this space.

We will be repeating the session Monday 13th November 2017, starting earlier at 5pm.  Coffee and biscuits provided, as ever.

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