Parking at the nursery

Can I please remind all parents that the nursery parking spaces are the front bay of the middle section of spaces and those in front of the school play ground that are not marked ‘sch’, the school spaces are the back row of the middle section, those along the wooded area by the school reception and those marked ‘sch’ in front of the school play ground. I know that parking is hard especially between 8:45am and 9am when the school parents are dropping off, but if we can stick to parking in our space only it will be greatly appreciated.

Also can I remind everyone that Pembroke is a residential street and there are children using the street to access the school, we have seen cars driving up and down the road as speeds suitable for main roads so if we can be aware of the speed and drive slowly down to the nursery and school entrance it would be greatly appreciated, and hopefully avoid any accidents in the future.

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