Review of our policies and procedures

We have reviewed a number of our policies and procedures recently, and so are sharing our updated Parent Policy and Procedure Summary. This is always available to download from our website here »

Please do the take the time to read this document, as we found in our recent annual questionnaire that this was not being read in some instances, as it covers many critically important topics and helps to eliminate confusion. If you have any questions on this, please do let any one of us know. We would like to particularly draw your attention to the following changes:

  • stressing the importance of this document
  • section 3 – Learning and Development, (there have actually been no changes here but this section answering many questions on how we plan and observe the children).
  • section 4 – Child Protection, including updates on monitoring privacy, photographs, child absence and online safety, and social media safety.
  • section 6 – health, this has been changed as we no longer refer to different levels of fever for when a child is to go home. We always take the decision to send a child home very seriously. Going forward we will send a child home if they seem unwell rather than over-focusing on a thermometer, as ever the manger’s decision is final.
  • GDPR and Data Privacy
  • We know that your inboxes must be littered with emails requesting that you opt in to many different data privacy notices to be GDPR compliant. We are no different. The law changed on 25th May 2018 and so we need to get your permission going forward to hold data on you and your child. Almost all of this date we are actually required to hold by law as a day nursery.
  • Thank you everyone for signing and returning this notice, for everyone who has not please sign the notice and get it back to us. Thank you for your help with this and if you have any questions, please let Nicole or Sophie know.

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