Reviewing our Policies and Procedures at the Nursery – It would be great to have your input.

We are currently reviewing a number of policies at the nursery, as we often to in early years.  This is to keep up to date with current thinking and practice.  We benchmark ourselves against our professional organisation and also introduce our reflections from our training, experience and reading.  If you would like to be reminded of our current policies, please click here for our summary of our policies and procedures.

We are currently focusing on our

·         Safeguarding policy

·         Online safety and social media policy

·         Looked-after children policy

·         Sickness and exclusion policy and

·         Intimate care policy

We would very much like to have your input into these.  Maybe you have a particular view on these policies? Or it is an area of expertise? Or you would like another policy added to the review list? Please let Nicole know by Friday 4th May if you would like to be part of this review and we will look to run a parent group meeting / parent consultation on these.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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