Room moves at The Teepee

It’s that time of year again where we say goodbye to all our children that are leaving nursery for school.

I am sure most of you are aware that we are now in the process of room moves for the children that we feel are now ready to move up to the next room. To run alongside the children’s room moves we will also be carrying out our annual team room moves. The children and team have all begun pre-visiting their new rooms, exploring the activities and getting to know their new key person.

The new room teams are as follows:

Cubs- Shirley and Tiffany

Bears- Kirsty and Ivana

Pups- Emma and Courtney

Chipmunks- Perry, Jenn and Katie

Raccoons- Sara and Michelle

We also have a few new team members that I would like to introduce; Sara is our new room leader in the Raccoons. We feel really lucky to have Sara join our team as she has a BA in Primary Education and a QTS in Primary Education Early years ages 3-7. Sara will be bringing a lot of knowledge to our preschool room which will benefit the children’s education and learning.

Courtney joined us as a student and enjoyed being here so much that she decided to stay on and take a key person role with us in the Pups, Courtney is qualified Level 2 and will be continuing her training with us for her Level 3.

Katie will be joining us as our new Modern Apprentice; Katie also has her Level 2 and will be studying for her Level 3 with us.

Hayley will be transferring to The Wigwam in Reading, which will be an exciting new adventure for her as she has been at The Teepee for 10 years! We will also be saying goodbye to Lauren Delander who is moving on to become a Nanny.


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