Safeguarding at the Nursery.

You’ve probably read in the news about the Worcestershire Nursery Sex Assault probe. It’s sickening and terrifying, which is why we take safeguarding so seriously at The Teepee. The vast majority of childcare professionals are genuinely interested in children and their development, but we have a rigorous interview process and ongoing training to ensure that someone who doesn’t have the children’s best interests at heart can’t slip through the net.

We always have 2 people at interviews. That’s 2 pairs of eyes and ears and someone to talk with later about anything that seemed strange or didn’t add up! We have a rigorous recruitment process; references are always taken up before a new team member starts and the whole team are DBS (the new CRB) checked.

Everyone undergoes training. There’s a suit of training depending on what role you perform at the nursery, but every member of the team , whether they work directly with the children or not, must complete their safeguarding training. We have a comprehensive induction which takes about 6 months and covers all aspects of care and safety at the Nursery. It doesn’t stop there. The whole team takes part in regular training sessions and refresher training. We talk about safeguarding as a team and at team meetings, and in the last year we have had Saturday morning training sessions in both recognising the vulnerability of children and specifically, safeguarding children.

We operate a no lone working policy, which is strictly enforced. This means that not only do we, obviously, adhere to the Ofsted regulations with regards to ratios, but in addition to that no member of the team is ever alone with a child. The toilets and nappy changing facilities are placed so that, without being out in the open, they are visible to other members of the team.

We hope that this insight into our internal policies and procedures puts your mind at rest. We take the safety of children seriously and it’s an issue that we re-visit frequently in team training. If you have any questions please talk to your key person, Nicole, the Nursery Manager or telephone Emma or Rebecca directly.

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