Sainsbury’s and Tesco’s Vouchers

Thank you all for collecting your Sainsbury’s and Tesco’s vouchers for us this year, we had a great response which meant that we had a lot of choice of the equipment we could buy from both companies.

The Sainsbury’s vouchers focus on outdoor equipment so we purchased Creeper Scooters for the garden, a trike for the baby room which could be used inside as well as out and sensory balls.

The Tesco’s vouchers offer lots more variety so we choose a bug hunting kit and telescope for the Raccoons, hedgehog balls and sparkly sensory balls for the Cubs. A variety of different balls for the garden and outdoor chalk and for use in our new Jacappella music sessions with Katie and Hayley some cultural drums and musical bells.

Thank you once again for all your vouchers they have enabled us to provide more resources for the children.

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