Settling in boxes

What is a settling in box?

When settling into a new room at nursery, something that often helps children to feel comforted is to have a reminder of home with them (such as a small toy, blanket, photograph or book).

At The Teepee we aim to provide high quality childcare and your child’s happiness and wellbeing is top of our priorities. We would like to introduce ‘settling in boxes’ in to nursery to help all the children feel they still have an attachment/reminder of home with them whenever they want it. 

What to do next?

Please could you bring in a child’s size shoebox that we can decorate with your child at nursery and it inside it place a few small special item/toys from home that your child enjoys playing with.

What can I put in my child’s settling in box?

  • Some family photos
  • Special objects/toys from home for example:
  • Small books
  • Toy cars/trains
  • Soft toys
  • CD of their favourite songs
  • Rattles

The settling in box is a fantastic resource for your child to have and be able to use. The box contents can also change as your child grows and their likes and dislikes change.

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