Spontaneous Planning

We have been trialling spontaneous planning for the last two months in the Panthers and Cubs Room. Due to the success of the trial and some fantastic feedback from our Early Years Advisor, we have decided to extend the trial nursery wide, meaning all the rooms will now take part in getting spontaneous planning to work for our setting. The team have all agreed that it allows them to spend more time with the children, and that they have been able to extend the activities that they do with the children, to really help their development.

Spontaneous planning allows us to be flexible using our informed knowledge and awareness of the children’s development and learning needs as well as their current interests and curiosities to inform our planning, as each child will be a focus child over a 5 week period, this will give us a chance to really asses where they have progressed. Through our spontaneous planning we will be supporting the children at their current stage, as well as planning activities to support the children’s next steps in development. We currently plan a month in advance, so have to predict developmental changes that the children will make over the next month.

Spontaneous planning should be a more effective way of planning and allow us to make sure that we can plan for your child’s specific developmental needs at the time they need support.

In order to get the most out of spontaneous planning we will need a little bit of information from you. Each week we will have two focus children, so the week before your child’s focus week, we will send home a consultation sheet to be completed by you. The sheet will allow you to share with us any of your child’s particular interests or significant events happening at home and you can also upload photos to MyChild of what your child has been enjoying.

Your feedback is to help us work together in a better way, involving you more in your child’s day to day development. We will also ask you to meet with your key person to allow us to gain more information. This is really important to us, as it means that we are focusing on areas that you feel are important, and we are able to give ideas for activities you can try at home that will further your child’s development at the nursery!

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