Suitable Footwear

The most important part of any child’s outfit is their shoes. Too tight, too loose, too narrow, too wide – any of these things can cause damage to growing feet that can cause trouble even into adulthood.

Because children’s feet grow so fast, you should get their feet measured every time you buy them new shoes, particularly school shoes, which they’ll most likely wear more than any other. Indeed, it is estimated that the average child will take one million steps in them.

Because less than a third of children fit a regular size, consider shoe ranges with half sizes and different widths. Never go bigger for them to grow into – poorly fitting loose shoes can cause blisters and don’t support growing feet. Conversely, don’t take the attitude of waiting to buy your child a new pair until you absolutely have to. Shoes that are too tight can be agony and can cause foot deformities including bunions. Until they’re four of five years old, children grow two full sizes a year on average – and even after that, it works out about a shoe size every year.

Think carefully about the particular stage of your child’s development – are they crawling, cruising, wobbly walking, confident walking, stomping (toddlers) or properly walking (starts around the age of three and five). Their shoes need to provide the right weight, support and flexibility to cope with the task in hand.

Durability matters. You don’t want your child’s shoes to be worn out before they grow out of them. And think about how easy the shoes are to get on and off – it’s no good buying lace-up shoes, for instance, if they can’t even tie a bow confidently.

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Top tips for keeping little feet healthy

  1. Measure Regularly

Your baby’s feet can grow up to 3 sizes in their first year.

  1. Right shoes, right stage

Choose shoes specially designed for crawling /cruising to ensure the right support.

  1. Wash and trim

Wash and carefully dry your baby’s feet every day, and trim toenails regularly.

  1. Go natural

Choose socks made from natural fibres, like cotton, to help keep feet cool.

  1. Just ask

The team at Clarks are experts in foot care and on hand to help with whatever you need.

(Clarks, 2017)

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At Teepee we request that you provide supportive indoor and outdoor shoes for your child. This can be slippers with hard bottoms or sturdy shoes for indoor use and suitable sturdy shoes or wellie boots for outdoor use.

But, my child LOVES wellies?

Wellies are essential for splashing in puddles and wet days however we ask that wellie boots are used just for the garden as these are not suitable for indoor use, or for wearing for long periods of time.

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