Summer Menu 2011

Summer is just round the corner and we have been working behind the scenes getting our new summer menu ready for launch on the 6th  of June. You may have also noticed that the data forms now have some standard menus. This is because we have children at the nursery   with different preferences. 

 Given below is the list of our standard menus that we have created for you

  1. Main summer menu    children can eat all items
  2. Beef free menu                      
  3. Pork free menu                      
  4. Pescatarian  menu      includes only fish and vegetarian products
  5. Vegetarian menu
  6. Vegan menu
  7. Gluten free menu        if your  child is allergic/intolerant to gluten products
  8. Dairy free menu          if your child is allergic/ intolerant to dairy products
  9. Vegan menu   
  10. Tomato free menu
  11. Egg free menu
  12. White meat menu       includes only chicken, fish and vegetarian products. This is a  new addition to our standard menus as we have a  few children who could eat only these  products

 Click on the link to view  our summer menu

Download prospectus