Support When Applying for 30 Hours Free Funding

Further Help and Support When Applying for 30 hours Free Funding

Make Sure you are Applying in Good Time.

We are offering the 30 hours funding for childcare for children to attend the nursery 4 and 5 days a week.

  • There is not much time before we have to raise the invoices for September.

We have summarised some information from the government below to help you with this process:

  • Parents can only start claiming a 30 hours place for their three or four year old the term following the date they receive a decision from HMRC. Therefore, do apply in good time.
  • Once you have the code, we will need to verify the code before a child is eligible.

How do you know what to do?

Further information on the application:

How do you apply for 30 hours (extended entitlement)?

NB – this information comes from the government, we are unable to help you with this process but thought it would be helpful if we were to share it.

You should apply via the childcare service. You will be asked to:

a.    Create a Government Gateway account if you do not already have one. If you do, you will need to sign into Government Gateway to verify your identity before accessing the childcare service.

b.    You can find details and instructions on how to register for a Government Gateway account at

2.    Once in the childcare service, enter your personal details including your name, address and National Insurance number and the same details for your partner (if you have one).

3.    Declare that you expect to meet the income requirements over the coming three months.

4.    Declare whether you are in receipt of any relevant benefits.

5.    Having completed your application, if eligible, you will:

  • Have a childcare service account. In the ‘secure messages’ section of your account, you will receive messages regarding your eligibility.
  • Be given an 11 digit “eligibility code” (=DERN code) for your child – this can be found in the – 30 hours free childcare – section of their childcare service account (see Image A) and in their – ‘secure messages’ section (see Image B). These codes normally start with ‘500’. However, there are a small number of cases where parents might have a temporary code starting with ’11’.

6.    You then need to take this code (along with your National Insurance number and original proof of your child’s date of birth if you have not already provided this) to the nursery to reserve your 30 hours entitlement.

7.    If you need assistance to apply, you can call the childcare service Customer Interaction Centre on 0300 123 4097 and apply over the phone.

8.    If you encounter any problems during the application process or accessing your childcare service account, you should direct your queries to the Family Information Service or the number above.

Image A – Viewing 30 hours code in a parent’s childcare service account

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Image B- 30 hours code in ‘Secure messages’ in childcare service account30 hours free childcare application

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