Update from our Continuous Nursery Improvement Plan

We are always reflecting and improving what we do here at the nursery. In fact this is a legal requirement of all early years settings and something that we take very seriously.

Back in late June we met as a team on a Saturday and made a plan of what we wanted to work on over the coming academic year.
We have been working hard over the summer and have already made some headway with this plan and so wanted to update you on our progress. Whilst we have undertaken many items big and small these are some of the highlights:

• We have embedded a formal weekly safeguarding meeting where at least two safeguarding leads review all of the children’s safeguarding forms and we discuss any other concerns that we might have about the children’s wellbeing
• We have issued our team training plan. This is our most ambitious yet. Training is one of our core nursery values and this year is no different. Whilst Nicole continues her BA and Zahraa is starting out on her Foundation Degree we also access training from a multitude of sources. We train internally, as well as using online training and going in to London to attend the very well regarded Early Education Courses
• We have also evaluated the Learning at Nursery, Learning at Home parent presentation and delivered the tweaked and refined presentation – thank you for all of those families who attended.
• We have created a board in our hallway to also visually represent our planning to try and better explain this to you as parents at the nursery
• We now ask you both when you start and ongoing in the focus week how your child likes to learn, rather than just what they are doing
• We reviewed and improved the quality of our Progress Check for Children aged Two and got some positive feedback on this and
• Internally we have also agreed a list of competencies that we have all agreed are the characteristics of an effective manager in the nursery, so that we can use these in appraisals and supervisions.

To give a flavour over the autumn we plan to

• Strengthen our Designated Safeguarding Lead knowledge by implementing a rigorous new induction – this is an area we have been particularly focused on over the summer months and this will continue into the autumn
• Start to deliver our ambitious training plan. In this way, you might notice that your key person is out of the nursery more, this could be because they are attending one day courses in London. We will also be training on Saturday 13th October for the day, as we do every term.
• Increase our spotlight on maths, we will therefore be running a parent evening stay and play focused on maths on 30th October.

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