Your feedback from the annual questionnaire

Thank you for everyone who completed our annual parent questionnaire for Teepee Day Nursery in Bracknell.  There is a wealth of data in here.  It is fantastic to know the things that you like about us as parents and what you would like us to improve for you and your children.

A summary of the things that you like about the nursery (in no particular order)

  • We are small, our small rooms are just the right size to make sure that the nursery day is not overwhelming
  • We are friendly, approachable and supportive – it is a happy atmosphere
  • We know the children well
  • We have good facilities and security
  • You like our support and advice
  • The way that we plan and our focus weeks on each of your children
  • Our specialist classes
  • Our menu
  • Our online diary
  • Our opening hours

Below is a list of the things that you would most us to improve, and our response or plan for each of these:

Could you run more parent events? Do they always have to happen on a Friday?

You would like us to undertake more parent events.  We will do a further questionnaire on this, as our social events are well attended but for the developmental ones that we have offered this is less so.  We pick the topics for our events from looking at the overall cohort data from the group, helping us to decide where we could make the most difference in partnership with you, so we always try and make them relevant.

There was also a comment that social events tend to happen on a Friday and that this doesn’t work for everyone.  The events tend to be held on a Friday afternoon, as we know from experience that we are more likely to have more of you, as Friday afternoon tends to have more flexibility in everyone’s schedule.  If your child does not come to the nursery on a Friday afternoon, you are of course still welcome to bring you child and stay with them.  We would love to welcome you.

We always also plan to communicate parent events 2 weeks in advance, as that is the feedback we have been given previously although larger events where we would love your attendance we try and put on our website calendar sooner.  Please see elsewhere in this newsletter for upcoming events.

Please could you share your nursey recipes with us?

We are always happy to share our nursery recipes.  We will ask you what you most want the recipes for and then we need to convert them down from 50+ children! Please let us know which ones are your child’s favourites.  In the meantime, do pop into the office or drop us an email and we will pass on the recipe.

Could you give more ideas to encourage my child’s learning at home?

We share our ideas for learning at home in three main ways:

  • On the room planning on the parent noticeboards in each of the rooms, just take a look at the end of each day
  • At your parent catch up meetings
  • At the parent events on topics such as: maths, toilet training, talking and speech.  Please do come along to these and let us know if you would like anything different.

Sometimes the organisation and the evening handover could be better.

Thank you for your feedback on this.  It can be difficult when everyone arrives together and so we ask you to have a brief conversation with your key person.  If you would like a more in-depth discussion, we are happy to arrange for another time.

As you have given feedback on this, this is something that Helen will monitor going forwards.

Could you change my child’s clothes more often? Coats are sometimes on the floor? Where are my child’s hair clips?

You mentioned that you would like your child’s clothes changed more often and so this is something that we will monitor as Room Managers and Helen as the Nursery Manager. 

We do also know that some times that clothes can slide off the coat pegs, please can we ask for your help with this and bring in a small bag for your child so that they can all fit on the pegs and always take everything home so that we can clean the nursery properly in the evening.  Thank you for this.

There was also a comment on not getting hair clips back.  We always do our best with this kind of thing but please do bring your child in clothes and hairclips that you do not mind of they get lost, as some children don’t like having them in their hair and like to pull them out.

Could we communicate more when practitioners change?

We always find this a tricky one to get right.  We find that our core team are very static but sometimes it does not work out with everyone that we take on.  Sometimes childcare isn’t what they thought it is, sometimes we ask them to leave as the individual does not meet our performance expectations.  Everyone who has been with us for less than a year has to give us a week’s notice and so sometimes we do not have lots of advance notice of a change, sometimes we also are unsure who we want to put into their position waiting a moment to evaluate another potential candidate’s performance before we make a key person change.

Staff turnover is a tricky one.  We always try to do everything that we can to keep the practitioners who are really good, although it is always important to respect when it is some one’s time to leave us.  We pay well, invest heavily in their training, run social events etc.  This spring and summer we are revamping the team staff room spaces for instance but the sector is known for having a high turnover of staff. 

Going forwards we will aim to be more transparent about this.

The toilets could have a revamp.

It’s great you mentioned this as we are totally revamping the children’s toilets over the Easter weekend and so watch this space, and the toilets for a total transformation!

Sometimes the office and the rooms don’t seem to communicate.

Thank you for your feedback on this.  We have been aware that there have been some issues around this, and so we took on two extra administrators to clear the backlog and resolve any issues.  Helen will monitor this closely going forwards and make a plan for what is next.

I’d like more information on the ILD.

You also asked for more information on the ILD – now ParentZone.  We plan in a specific way which means that we focus our efforts and attentions on the focus child and, as you might know, this means that you might not receive many emails in-between this time.  We are delighted to inform you that with our new nursery system there is an opportunity to load up photos of the children enjoying activites just as a moment or a photo rather than as a formal observation. You should now therefore see more photos loaded up over the coming weeks and months.

Could there be more flexibility over the timing of breakfast?

We run breakfast between 8:20 and 8:45, as we know that this timing works.  All children really do need to have eaten by 8:45 as their stomachs are very small.  It is also not fair on the child who comes in later after 9 to eat their meal alone, as eating is a sociable thing, or for the other children who want to get on with their play and learning.

It is your personal preference if you want your child to have breakfast with us at nursery or with you at home and so we ask that if you are planning to be in for breakfast that you come in in good time.  Of course if you were stuck in traffic and your child hasn’t eaten of course we will feed them but its also good to know that snack is at 10 o’clock too.

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