Your Feedback on our New Online Safety Policy

Keeping children safe is top of parents, practitioners and the government’s priorities, and how to keep children safe online, even our very youngest children, is absolutely part of this. The government has recently issued new draft guidelines around online safety for Early Years settings to work within. Consequently, we have reviewed our online safety policy and also undertaken training specific to nursery practitioners.

We know that Bracknell has a really high density of ‘IT giants’ and so we hope that, if this is an area of interest to you, that you might be able to give us some feedback on this draft policy. If this is something that you feel you would be able to contribute to then please do let Helen know.

In the meantime, we thought we would share these statistics with you. The figures are very likely to be even higher as they are a couple of years out of date. The media life of a typical 3-4 year old in the UK is thought to be as follows (Ofcom, 2017):
• 1% have a smartphone
• 21% have a tablet
• 71% of these use the tablet to go online
• 96% watch TV set, for 15 hours/week
• 41% watch TV on other devices, eg tablet
• 40% play games for 6 hours/week
• 53% go online for 8 hours/week
• 48% use YouTube, half of these are watching cartoons

At the same time the World Health Organisation, April 2019 has said that children aged three to four should have no more than one hour of sedentary screen time a day and children under three should have none. We recognise that these are challenging times for parents, as technology can have benefits for preschool children.

If you would like any help or guidance on keeping children safe online (or any other area), do let any of us know or look at our nursery safeguarding board for more information.

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