Activities & Classes

The Teepee Day Nursery team never stands still, because we know that our children won’t – literally. Driven by independent, specialist teachers and your beliefs as a parent, we’re constantly developing our activities to keep your child on their toes.

Activities are always changing and have included:

Forest Schools

Forest schoolsMost children are fascinated by nature and love all the experiences of being outdoors. So we offer a Forest School programme for our children, to give them opportunities to develop confidence through learning in a local woodland environment.

We’re lucky to have a woodland area in the nursery grounds, and part of the forest is just over the fence. We have qualified Forest School practitioners on our team, who know how to make the most of outdoor learning and the woodland on our doorstep.

Cooking Class

Cookery ClubOur experienced in-house chef runs a weekly cooking class for the pre-school room, teaching the children cooking fundamentals; from your ‘five a day’ to making pastry and sampling our home-made delights, from weighing out ingredients to popping to the shop to purchase what they need.


Jacappella Music Classes

MusicIncredibly popular with our budding musicians, these workshops encourage and develop confidence, interaction, creativity and expression and because all children march to a different beat, we feature something for everyone, incorporating a wealth of percussion instruments, songs, and musical games.

We have a selected number of team who are trained to deliver the Jacappella curriculum that incorporates rhythm, timing, singing, actions and the aspects of the Early Years Foundation Stage. The classes are delivered twice weekly to ensure all the children can experience the fun.


Pro Sports – Sports Skills

SportsEach session is run by a fully qualified coach with a wealth of experience of working with children of pre-school age. The sessions combine athletics, basketball, football and throwing and catching, all of which are part of the school reception class curriculum. It is a fun and educational experience whilst also enhancing communication skills and team awareness.

The children love it and can’t wait to get out there, so please bring your child dressed for action, whatever the weather.



Theatre BugsTheatrebugs facilitates magical story-based classes in drama, music and dance for all our children over three months. Written by Theatrebugs specifically for each of the different age groups and run by teachers from a drama, dance or singing background, the stories captivate the children’s imagination and transport them to another world.

The children dive in to interactive stories and come up with ideas to solve the mystery through imaginative play and make believe! The class complements all three areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage and helps to increase the children’s confidence, self-esteem and imagination.


Tai Chi

Tai chiYou might have heard of Tai Chi for adults, but children love it too. This ancient Chinese system of slow flowing movements and shifts of balance is a fantastic way to improve balance, coordination and posture. It helps children learn about their bodies – all as part of an exercise they can’t wait to get involved in!



ZumbaOur Zumba teacher has a custom-designed kids programme that blends dance-fitness routines with fun games and high-energy music. The children really look forward to the classes and excitement runs high once they get started. The classes provide the children with the chance to let off energy while developing coordination skills and learning rhythm and movement.

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