This month’s activities will include

Area Covered Activities Extending   activity at home Anything to bring into nursery
Prime Area Inside Outside
Personal, social and emotional   development
To engage in pretend play to help build relationships Dressing upUsing puppets Playing on the   cars as police and fire officers Playing with the sock puppet made at nursery Any old socks to make our puppets
Physical development
Rolling balls or carsTai chi class Obstacle courseBalancing beams

Stepping logs

Rolling or kicking balls A ball from home
Communication and language
To begin to develop a longer attention span Using sign language while singingDuring story time repeating simple sentences Making large and small towersChalk drawing on the pavement
Specific Area
Literacy Reading a story using propsLooking at story sacks Walking to the libraryPointing out different animals
Mathematics Singing number songsCounting bricks Counting steps while walking up and downLooking at large and small, short and tall
Understanding the world Creating a Christmas displaySinging Christmas songs

Reading Christmas stories

Talking about seasons Singing songs
Expressive arts and design Making sock puppetsMaking Christmas decorations

Making seasonal sensory bottles

Going on a walkPutting leaves, pine cones and conkers in the sensory box Any small drinks bottles

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