Personal, Social and Emotional Development w/c 5th December

This week the children will be

  • Decorating star instruments
  • Making and decorating paper chains
  • Practicing singing carols in small groups and playing instruments

Could the children please bring in white clothes for the Carol Concert on Friday

Communication, Language and Literacy w/c 12th December

The children will be preparing for Christmas by

  • Making Christmas hats
  • Making Christmas cards
  • Making Christmas presents

Could the children please wear their party clothes for the Christmas party on Friday

Knowledge and Understanding of the World w/c 19th December

The children will be

  • Singing Christmas songs
  • Making Christmas decorations
  • Playing party games
  • Playing dress up and doing face painting

Everyone in the Pups and Bears would like to wish Isabelle Bird and Ethan Smith very Happy 2nd Birthday’s in December.

We would also like to say goodbye to Harrison who is leaving the nursery.

Krysten will be on holiday from 15th December to 3rd January.

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