This month Lauren Delander’s key children will be taking part in the following activities

Prime Area

Personal, social and emotional development

Target – Building relationships with special people

– Playing co-operatively with a familiar adult


  • Building towers with small blocks
  • Ball rolling back and forward
  • Inviting our grandparents to tea

Communication and language

Target – Enjoying rhymes and demonstrating listening by trying to join in with actions and vocalisations

– Understanding simple sentences


  • Walking along the large wooden blocks
  • Fruit and vegetable food tasting
  • Making pizza’s

Physical development

Target – Beginning to balance blocks to build a tower

– Showing a willingness to try new foods and drinks


  • Head, shoulders, knees and toes
  • Tidying up time activity
  • Water play

This month Lauren Maynard’s key children will be taking part in the following activities

Personal, social and emotional development

Target – Focusing on building vocabulary and exploring sounds

– Playing alongside other children and building on an existing relationship


  • Group discussions using flash cards and interactive books
  • Visiting the older children to encourage social interaction

Physical development

Target – Supporting balance

– Encouraging participation in physical activities by incorporating things of interest


  • Balancing activities on the balancing beams
  • Rolling balls through tunnels
  • Taking part in Tai chi and Zumba

Communication and language

Target – Supporting communication and understanding of language and expression

– Beginning to use small sentences to express what they want

– Learning to differentiate between different sounds


  • Distinguishing different sounds whilst in the garden for example birds, aeroplanes etc

Specific Area


  • Looking at family books and talking about the different people on the pictures
  • Involving children into story telling and encouraging them to act things out


  • Treasure baskets containing a few objects and then taking an object away to see if the children can spot a difference
  • Incorporating maths into every day activities for example counting the buttons on a coat

Expressive arts and design

  • Group messy play
  • Helping to make play dough
  • Using rollers and cutters




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