June Planning

Physical Development W/c 6 June

We will be looking at the children’s health and body awareness by

  • Making our own choices when making our sandwiches for tea
  • Changing the home corner into a dentist

Creative Development W/c 13 June

We will be exploring different media and materials with the children by

  • Playing with different coloured water
  • Playing with gak
  • Making string pictures

Personal, Social and Emotional Development W/c 20 June

We will be encouraging the children to build relationships with each other by

  • Playing with emotion balls
  • Making family trees
  • Looking at the emotions book

Could the children please bring in their favourite books and dress as their favourite character from the book

Communication, Language and Literacy W/c 27 June

We will be encouraging the children to link sounds and letters by

  • Using story bags
  • Recording sounds and matching pictures for example the sound a train makes with a picture of a train
  • Video themselves with the camera and watching the video back

Everyone in the Bouncing Bears and Playful Pups would like to wish Akhil and Isla very happy 2nd birthdays in June and welcome Harry, James, Isabelle and Myan from the Cuddly Cubs.

We would also like to say a sad goodbye to Joshua who is leaving the nursery as his family are moving and wish Madison, Bryony, Jack, Keira and Liyana well with their moving to the Cheeky Chipmunks.


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