Communication, Language and Literacy W/c 31st October

This week we will be linking sounds and letters together by

  • Singing nursery rhymes
  • Using story sacks
  • Joining in with the music bag

Could the children dress in their favourite books character for Halloween.

Problem Solving, Reasoning and Numeracy W/c 7th November

This week we will be looking at numbers and counting by

  • Building towers and counting the bricks
  • Saying counting rhymes
  • Doing water play – pouring water from one container to another

Knowledge and Understanding of the World W/c 14th November

The children will be exploring and investigating different items by

  • Exploring the feely boxes and telling their friends whats inside
  • Making mobiles
  • Exploring the mud patch

If you have any metal coat hangers and old CD’s at home could you bring them in.

Physical Development W/c 21st November

To develop the children’s physical skills we will be

  • Exploring the top garden by climbing, jumping and using the balance beams
  • Using the shape sorters
  • Playing with the jigsaws

Creative Development W/c 28th November

The children will be exploring different materials and media this week by

  • Painting on mirrors
  • Making marks in flour and gak
  • Sponge painting
  • Using the lap top to create pictures

Everyone in the Bears and Pups would like to wish James a very Happy 2nd Birthday on 11th November.

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