Knowledge and Understanding of the World W/c 3rd October

This week we will be

  • Looking at different forms of transport and having a visit from a police car.
  • Making our own trains and playing train drivers.
  • Turning the home corner into a train station.

Physical Development W/c 10th October

This week the children will be

  • Threading beads.
  • Walking to the library.
  • Playing with puzzles and Duplo.

Creative Development W/c 17th October

We will be encouraging the children’s fine manipulative skills by

  • Using the paint brush to make big and small marks.
  • Using different media’s to make marks for example gak.
  • Using the glue spreaders to stick different objects to paper.

October is Black History month so we will be visiting the library so we can learn more about the month.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development W/c 24th October

We will be encouraging the children to form friendships with the other children in the room by

  • Playing with and sharing with dolls and teddies with our friends.
  • Visiting the Cubs.
  • Playing sharing games.

Everyone in the Bouncing Bears and Playful Pups would like to wish Myan and Harry very Happy 2nd Birthdays in October.

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