Cheeky Chipmunks April Planning

Problem Solving, Reasoning and Numeracy W/c 4 April

We will be begin to make comparisons between quantities and know that a group of things change in quantity when something is added or taken away

  • Making groups of 1,2 and 3
  • Adding and taking away objects from a group
  • Playing skittles of hopscotch
  • Singing number songs such as 10 green bottles and 5 currant buns

Knowledge and Understanding of the World W/c 11 April

We will be talking about special times in the children’s lives and those of other and talking about past and future events

  • During group time we will be talking about past memories and future events
  • Sharing pictures of previous events
  • Making a book of memories

Physical Development W/c 18 April

We will be encouraging the children to gradually gain control of their whole bodies and become aware of how to negotiate the space and objects around them by

  • Using balancing beams
  • Stepping on logs
  • Dancing to music
  • Building an obstacle course
  • Throwing and catching balls
  • Jumping in and out of hoops

Creative Development W/c 25 April

We will be seeking to make sense of what the children see, smell, touch, hear and feel and exploring and experiencing a range of senses and movements by

  • Sensory play
  • Add different things to our play dough to give us different textures
  • Learning to identify sounds, smells and tastes
  • Our Tai-chi lesson



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