This month’s activities will include

Area Covered Activities Extending   activity at home Anything to bring into nursery
Prime Area Inside Outside
Personal, social and emotional development
To carry out own personal hygiene Teeth brushingToiletingFace washing To bath dolls in the messy trayDigging in the mud patch and then talking about when hands need   washing Singing the hand washing songsAllowing bath time to be more independent


Physical development
Developing the children’s balance Tai chiZumba Obstacle courseBalancing beams

Stepping logs

Communication and language
Developing the children’s vocabulary What’s in the boxHaving adventures with Zelly the zebra Walking around the local area and the children communicating what they hear and seeLooking for hidden objects in the garden Sending Zelly the zebra home to talking about their adventure
Specific area
Literacy Using props with storiesCreating song bags

Learning theJolly Santa song

A visit from Simon the librarian

Role playing stories Practicing the Jolly Santa song
Involving numbers in play Singing number songsPlaying skittles

Playing number hid and seek

Going on a number walkRecognising numbers using foam numbers Talking about numbers
Understanding the world Creating a Christmas displaySinging Christmas songs Making our own Christmas decorationsEnjoying a visit from Santa Singing Christmas songs
Expressive arts and design ZumbaMusic to moods Rain Dance

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